Private Label Projects

Why Private Label?

When private labeling your own wine, you have control of the branding and the wine from start to finish. When working with us, you cut out (most) middlemen, and there is a greater value for price when buying direct from us — No price comparisons! Ultimately, there are higher margins, and, of course, creating your own wine is fun!


To begin the process, we meet with you to go over your goals for the project along with  your “why.”  We discuss all of the possibilities, quantities and ultimate goal of the project. We work with you on brand name as well as label design. We work with you to taste the wine blend before you buy, working collaboratively to make the wine you want that also fits within the specifications you need, within the scope of the wine. After the wine is finished, we bottle and ship to you, along with everything in between!


Grapes are currently sourced from North Coast California with Washington and Oregon coming soon! Sparkling White and Sparkling Rosé are our focus, but still White, Red and Rosé are also options. 

White Wine
Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Albariño and Chenin Blanc

Red Wine
Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc


Cans?! Why cans? 
Canned wine is growing at an astronomical rate year to year, and there isn’t a lot of focus on making private label cans for  people. We focus on outdoor venues, stadiums, charities and even private clients. Anyone who would want canned wine on their premise. We have THE TOP canned winemaker on the planet on our side, and he is producing some of the highest quality wine ever canned.


Our focus as a company is to bring people together through wine and give back in our communities. We work closely with our partners to find what they are passionate in and vow to give to charitable causes they believe in – either directly with the wine project we work with them on, or indirectly in any way possible to keep giving in this world.

Ask about our Cans For A Cause initiative!

Interested in Bottles? Contact us!

We want to create a private label that best fits your needs and wishes! Whether it’s canned wine or bottled wine, we can do it all…especially with a top, California winemaker on our side. The process for making wine in a bottle is similar to that of canned wine. We work with you on brand name and label design, creating the perfect wine blend, bottling the wine and shipping to your destination…along with everything in between!


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